J. Dostie Jewelers

The Experience

Purchasing jewelry is an experience, one that begins the moment you walk through the door.

The Selection

We strive to seek out a unique selection of jewelry that will certainly turn heads.

The Service

At J. Dostie Jewelers you will not be pestered by sales people when you want to look around but we are here for you when you find something that catches your attention.

The Elegance

We focus on styles that can be worn everyday without appearing ostentatious but also dress up for special occasions. This diversity allows you to enjoy your jewelry in all aspects of your life.

The Style

J. Dostie Jewelers strives to bring you unique styles that you will not see everywhere else. Daniel Dostie and Michael Dostie have been designing and fabricating jewelry for a combined 50 years.

The Stones

By seeking out and selecting our gemstones by hand, we can ensure that the jewelry you purchase is of the highest quality.

Get Inspired!

Looking for something special for that upcoming anniversary but have no idea where to start?

Bring Back Summer!!

Wow! Farmers Almanac got it right when they said winter 2013-2014 was going to be a tough one! Between the seemingly biweekly several-inch-storms, the ice storms, and the dramatic temperature fluctuations (40 degrees to -4 degrees) we are just about done with the cold and are ready to hang up our shovels! Bring back the green grass and the endless days of summer please!